Spiral Touch Massage





Spiral Touch Massage LLC offers therapeutic massage services in Boulder, Colorado.  Owned and operated by Alicia Pouarz Kittredge, Spiral Touch Massage strives to stimulate wellness and restore balance through skilled and intuitive touch.

Using a nurturing holistic approach, I integrate a blend of techniques into every massage session to assist the whole person to relax, release, and revive his or her unique system.  Every massage is created to meet individual needs and help clients tap into their innate abilities to reduce stress and recover from daily aches and pains, acute or chronic injuries, or long term holding patterns.  

Treatments include relaxing Swedish techniques, Deep Tissue treatment work and Sports/Orthopedic massage.  Energetic work is available to help clear and balance the many layers of the body and being.  Prenatal and Postpartum massage therapy are also offered as my specialty and passion.





Spiral Touch Massage is currently closed

while Alicia is on maternity leave.